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Welcome to pre-sale! 

We are happy to announce the pre-sale of Murray Gillin's, Jesus The Social Entrepreneur

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The Human Dimensions of Your Entrepreneur-mindset. 

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Entrepreneurship – a very ‘in vogue’ topic, especially at a time of seeking the way-out of a Covid-19 crisis. Much emphasis has been placed on the health and economic factors impacting our recovery, including new vaccines and job creating businesses. Significantly, it will be entrepreneurs who recognise these opportunities and deliver new and necessary products and services that are  designed to add value and purpose to our way of life. Entrepreneurship infused with effective innovation will drive our recovery. 

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Another side of entrepreneurship, which is the focus of this book, is the concept and delivery of social entrepreneurship to meet the needs of the ‘whole’ person and with values raising both the personal and spiritual well-being of the community.  In this paradigm, a social entrepreneur is a person who pursues novel applications (innovative ideas) that have the potential to solve community-based problems. These individuals are willing to take on the risk and effort to create positive changes in society through their initiatives.


About Murray

During a career spanning 60 years Murray worked in the fields of Defence Science and Technology, as Defence Research Attaché in the Australian Embassy Washington, USA, and Head of Laboratory Programs DSTO, and in education until 1998 as Dean of Engineering, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Pro Vice-Chancellor at Swinburne University of Technology. In ‘retirement’ Murray co-founded the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and was Director to 2009, was a By-Fellow at Churchill College Cambridge 2004, and since 2011 teaches entrepreneurship classes for Pitcher Partners to 2021.


Jesus the Social Entrepreneur:
Understanding both His Entrepreneur Mindset and Nature 'Miracles'.

Read the foreword by Prof Sir Colin Humphreys CBE, FREng, FRS, Author of Miracles of the Exodus, Mystery of Last Supper, and Star of Bethlehem. 

Read about the experts who contributed to Jesus the Social Entrepreneur: Understanding both His Entrepreneur Mindset and Nature 'Miracles'. 

Reviews for Jesus the Social Entrepreneur: Understanding both His Entrepreneur Mindset and Nature 'Miracles'.

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