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Successful entrepreneurs (such as Jesus) are characterised by a unique 'entrepreneur mindset'. This is a human mindset that integrates intellectual, emotional, and spiritual (not religious) intelligence in seeking to deliver real added value to users. So, the question arises—was Jesus a social entrepreneur, utilising all the principles we today consider foundational to an entrepreneur mindset? To address the questions, this book seeks to evaluate three areas relevant to—the formation of Jesus in 1st Century CE Judea and Galilee; his period of ministry and 'miracles'; and finally considering Jesus' use of the creation laws of physcis in selected 'miracles'. 


In considering whether the concepts of Jesus and that of social entrepreneur mindset are compatible, a relevant entrepreneurial ecosystem is applied to his life experiences. Indeed, Jesus the Man and an entrepreneur mindset are interconnected realities in fulfilling the identified opportunity—to 'change society values and behaviours through a new relationship with God'. 


In explaining Jesus' behaviour to and events of the nature 'miracles', a conceptual–bridge between the realities of science and spirit is evaluated. The hypothesis examined in each case is that—'Jesus used His enhanced powers of human intention, interconnectedness, mindset and close personal relationship with God the Holy Spirit to effect the observed 'miracle' using the natural mechanisms of physics and science'. 

Jesus The Social Entrepreneur

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